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Whether you are in a marriage or civil partnership, financial matters can become a sticking point in the case of separation, dissolution or divorce. With many pre- and post-nuptial agreements available to couples to regulate their finances, the time is right for legislators to reflect the variety of economic options available to modern family units in light of the sensitive dynamics in a separation, dissolution or divorce. I fully understand the strain that finances and assets can put on a couple who are going through the divorce process, and that is why I provide my clients with empathetic legal advice and expert negotiation skills.

Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill 2017-19

In a briefing paper for the House of Lords, it is noted that ‘Judicial discretion has led to unpredictability and conflicting decisions, which make it hard for parties to negotiate and lead to disproportionate costs. Legal aid has been removed and parties of modest means are left unrepresented with little guidance as to the right outcome’. The Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill 2017-19 is seeking to bring a level of standardisation into the considerations and calculations of the courts to financial orders of separating, dissolving or divorcing couples. The proposed bill would align the law in England and Wales more closely with existing legislation in Scotland.

Proposed changes

Below is an overview of the changes which are currently being debated in the committee:

  • Restrict financial orders to property acquired during the marriage, except in cases of pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements;
  • Written pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements become binding, subject to a number of exceptions;
  • Net value of matrimonial property is to be shared fairly between the parties;
  • Stipulates factors that would be taken into account when awarding periodical payments and lump sums; and,
  • Limiting maintenance payments to five years from point of divorce, subject to some exceptions.

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