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Type of injunction order

Sometimes it is necessary to apply to the court for immediate protection.
There are two types of injunctions commonly available:

Non–Molestation order

A non – molestation order is aimed at preventing a person from:

  • using or threatening violence
  • making threats, pestering or harassment, for example, sending abusive letters or making repeated calls.

A non-molestation order can be obtained by any “associated” person which includes, but is not limited to, current or former spouses, cohabitees, partners and relatives.
A power of arrest is often attached which means that if the person breaches a term of the order, the police can be called and the person will be arrested even without a specific criminal offence having been committed.

Occupation Orders

An occupation order regulates who can live in the home and can also restrict a person entering the surrounding area.
Occupation orders are used when a person does not feel safe to continue to live with their partner. The family court also has power to make orders for the payment of outgoings on the home.

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