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If you need advice or assistance concerning your finances after the breakdown of a relationship, I can help.  One of the biggest concerns my clients come to me with is the worry about what happens to their finances and assets if they divorce or separate. I fully understand how much of a concern this can be, particularly where there are children involved.

Tailoring approaches to suit you

I strive to make financial settlement as stress free as possible for all of my clients, ensuring that my approach to their case is in line with their desired outcome. I know that not every case requires a bullish approach, and that often expert negotiation and preserving relationships will achieve the best outcome. To discuss your specific circumstances with me, give me a call today on 07917711887.

Why do I need a financial settlement?

Alongside the divorce process, it is also necessary for the two of you to reach a financial settlement to ensure that all of the potential claims that each of you may have against the other’s income, capital and pension are extinguished. This is usually achieved by entering into a clean break order. A clean break allows you both to know where you stand, and to move on with your lives.

How will our assets be divided in divorce?

Deciding how best to divide the assets of the marriage is one of the most pressing concerns on relationship breakdown. I will outline the factors specific to your circumstances that may affect how your assets will be divided, the below is to give you an idea of what may affect your financial settlement in divorce.

Financial claims often relate to the appropriate division of the following:

  • The family home and any other property
  • Lump sums of money
  • Apportionment of investments or shares
  • Maintenance
  • Pensions

In order to decide on what constitutes a fair and reasonable settlement various factors are taken into account to include:

  • the welfare of any children of the family
  • the income, earning capacity, assets and financial resources of the parties
  •  the financial needs, obligations and responsibilities of the parties
  • The standard of living enjoyed by the parties
  • The age of each party and the length of the marriage
  • the health of each party
  • The contributions made by the parties

I can ensure your case is presented fully, and that all of your interests and limitations are taken into account. I specialise in helping clients attain a financial settlement that is favourable to them,  and can help you get the results you need.

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I have years of experience in helping clients from a range of backgrounds achieve a successful divorce, making the process as pain free as possible.
I offer a range of family law services including; divorce, fixed fee divorce, financial settlements, child law and related family law matters. When you entrust your family life with me, you can be sure I will treat you circumstances in strict confidence and always keep you informed of how your case is progressing. To discuss your case with me, call today on 07917711887 or complete the online contact form. I look forward to helping you find peace of mind.

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