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“Thank you so much Lindsay. I could not have wished for better support or representation through what turned out to be an unnecessarily protracted process

Very content to leave it where it is and draw a line under it for now, hopefully for ever

Thanks again”

Mr J , CEO, Altrincham

“I found Lindsay offered a very professional and friendly service. She was always one step ahead and dealt with everything in a very efficient manner. She was always available on the other end of the phone to give help and advice on what to do next. I couldn’t have got the results, both in my financial settlement and child custody case without her. I would definitely recommend her to represent you in any family matter”

Mr C, Pilot, Cheshire

“I visited a couple of other solicitors before seeing Lindsay Jones. During my first meeting with her, I was impressed with her kind manner, understanding, knowledge and professionalism so decided to go ahead and appoint her at that meeting. The divorce – or more particularly the financial settlement negotiation – was not straightforward. Unfortunately we had to go to final hearing to achieve a fair result. Lindsay set the court process in motion in order to ensure we had an end in sight; otherwise it could have taken much longer and been much more expensive, I am sure. During this whole time, Lindsay did not disappoint from the initial impression I got of her. In addition, she was prompt to reply to my emails and phone calls and helped to put my mind at rest on several occasions when I was upset by the behaviour of my ex-spouse. I wholeheartedly recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for help with their divorce and financial settlement.”

Mrs J, Hale

“I would like to commend to you Lindsay Jones. In 2008 I agreed to divorce from my husband who had deserted my 2 year old son and myself. I knew nothing about the way to proceed. But was recommended by a friend in Manchester the services of Ms Jones. She took me through all the pitfalls of divorce and my rights. Although I live 90 miles away she kept me informed of any problems that occurred. She successfully negotiated on my behalf and all that I was entitled to. She kept in touch and is about to do more work on my behalf. She truly is an excellent solicitor and treats me like a friend more than a client. I would heartily recommend her to anyone.”

Mrs B, Lincolnshire

“From the start, Lindsay has always been there for me, regardless of the time of day or how busy her schedule is. However small the request, Lindsay would treat it with the utmost significance. Working with Lindsay, I have always felt that I am in the hands of someone professional, caring and trustworthy. Having Lindsay‚Äôs support through extremely difficult and challenging times has helped immensely, softening the pain and providing clarity in the unknown. Her legal expertise is second to none and her success is testimony in itself.”

Mrs L, Prestwich

“I originally contacted Lindsay Jones last year with regards to a name change for my five-year-old daughter and Lindsay dealt with my case in a very attentive and diligent way whilst ensuring complete professionalism throughout.

On the court day, Lindsay kept my interests as well as those of my child at heart and also accommodated my financial situation by making sure that the hearing moved forward as quickly as possible so as not to waste time and money. I was impressed by her quick thinking in the courtroom and during discussions between the two parties involved.

I must say that I feel truly blessed to have picked Lindsay from the list of solicitors I had to choose from last year.

The outcome (that my daughter now has a double barrelled last name that consists of both her mother’s and father’s

last name as opposed to only one parents last name) made my daughter and myself so extremely happy that we decided to send her a thank you card to express our gratitude.

Knowing that I can rely on Lindsay should I need subsequent legal advice regarding my separation /co-parenting arrangements again undoubtedly puts my mind at ease and allows me to operate with confidence. Thank you Lindsay!”

Ms A, Wilmslow