Child & Spousal Maintenance

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In the majority of cases, parents can agree on the appropriate level of child maintenance. If there is a dispute as to the amount payable then the parties can rely on the Child Maintenance Service (“CMS”) for guidance. If you need advice regarding child maintenance, I have years of experience as a specialist divorce lawyer, so please call me today on  07917 711 887.

The CMS uses a set mathematical formula to calculate how much child support is payable. If the paying parent’s income is more than £156,000 per annum the court has the power to make additional child maintenance orders (known as top-up child support) to provide extra child support.

Spousal maintenance

This is dealt with separately to child maintenance and there are circumstances in which ongoing maintenance is payable by one party to the other. Even when a figure is agreed it is worth bearing in mind that this figure could either be decreased or increased to reflect any chance of circumstances to include for example illness or redundancy. Specialist advice is often required in this field.

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