My Ex-Partner Won’t Pay Child Maintenance, What Can I Do?

There are more than 2 million single parents in the UK, and the law makes provision for child maintenance. However, many separated parents are not receiving the child maintenance payments they are entitled to, quite simply because their former partner won’t pay up. Raising a child is an expensive business, with large volumes of parents -particularly single mothers- falling into debt or relying on food banks to get by. However, child maintenance payments are a legal requirement, and you can take legal action to ensure that you are receiving the payments you are entitled to

How much child maintenance should I get?

There is no set amount of child maintenance that should be paid by a former partner. The amount depends on the income of the parent due to make the payments, as well as the number of nights per year the child stays with the paying partner. The more frequently the child stays with the partner making the payments, the less maintenance they are due to pay. The more the paying parent earns, the higher their maintenance payments will be. If the paying parent lives in a household with other children, the payment will be lower.

The Government guidelines outline that maintenance payments should be set at 12 per cent of the paying parent’s income for one child, 16 per cent where there are two children, and 19 per cent where there are three or more children.

How can I arrange child maintenance?

Many couples choose to make their own arrangements for child maintenance payments, as well as living arrangements. This is referred to as a ‘family-based arrangement’.

However, where your partner is not willing to make an arrangement with you or will not make a payment, you can discuss your circumstances with the Child Maintenance Service (CMS). The CMS can calculate how much is owed to you, as well as any back payments you may be owed. The CMS has the power to enforce payments, but there may be a fee involved in this service. The CMS is limited to payments of £3,000 per week or less, so if your partner is of high-net-worth, you may need to bring your claim before the courts.

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